1 Power Phrase for Staying Resilient in Chaotic Times

1 Phrase for Staying Resilient in Chaotic Times

Knowing how to stay resilient in a world as busy, stressful and chaotic as today, is essential for overcoming stress and anxiety. Resiliency, to me, means being able to bounce back to my happiness, hope, emotional balance, and energetic power when stresses and challenges derail me. Life can be pretty hairy at times.  Just tune into the news these days and you're apt to be swept away by a torrent of fearful, cortisol -inducing dark thoughts of the future. Personally, I avoid that practice like the plague.

Tuning into the news that is. It's never served me to focus on what's wrong, what's dangerous, or what's about to change the course of our lives in horrible ways. As a manifesting maven, I'm way too powerful with my energy field to have it blasting out fear, doubt, and negativity. From an energetic perspective, that only serves to contribute to the chaos. Now, I'm sure I'm not the only one when I say that I can't stand being around someone who's always resonating doom and gloom, fear, or doubt.  It sucks me dry followed by me having to spend time clearing that shit off me.  

Life is too short for that!

I focus on staying resilient. 

I know there's bad shit out there and agree that love, service, and compassion are essential for the world's health. It's clear that people need tools, guidance and hope, regardless of what their challenges are. THAT is where I focus my attention. Giving hope by empowering people to manage their minds, their perspectives, their emotional state to create lives full of more happiness, health, confidence, love, success, and inner peace.

You've gotta have tools people.  

Every minute of the day we are reacting to the things around us, and without strategies and tools to get ourselves grounded, calm, positive, and back in action with traction - let me just say... ...we're f*cked. It's a fast and furious fall into the cesspool of fear and despair, and we've got to stay resilient if we want to get out of it / totally avoid chaos in the first place.

So here's a quick simple powerful phrase to calm the mind, restore your peace, stay in power and be resilient. I use this all the time!

~"It's gonna be great when I /we  figure this out and this is all behind me." ~

This statement silences the Ego mind. It silences that negative self-talk, dredged up by your subconscious saboteurs, that becomes a contraction of your energy field, a lovely little squirt of cortisol, draining of your energy. 

By saying "when I figure this out," it tells your subconscious that even though you haven't got the answer in this moment, you WILL figure this out and you WILL have an answer. It creates hope that this experience you deem to be negative, won't last forever.

By saying, "and this is all behind me," it creates a sense of relief. A feeling of letting something go. You are telling yourself that you will move past this moment, this negative place, into something positive, calm and beautiful.

Then spend time visualizing.

Close your eyes, take in a deep breath and slowly exhale.

Repeat this 3 times or more until you feel yourself start to get back to calm.

Now, visualize the problem or negative experience. As you say this phrase, visualize looking in a rear view mirror. As you're driving way, you see this problem getting smaller and smaller, losing color, fading away in the distance. Now look to what is ahead of you. Visualize this problem being resolved, what you, achieving your goal, looks like. Try to imagine the happiness and relief you feel in this moment when everything is behind you and you've figured it out. It feels great right!? I absolutely love and swear by this phrase.


Try it next time you're feeling like you're just going in circles, starting to go stress crazy, or when you only seem to see chaos in your life. Focus on staying resilient, not restricted to the present or past. If you found this tool useful, here are some other tools you may enjoy.

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Bambi Thompson is a brain coach for anxiety transformation and success acceleration. She teaches entrepreneurial women how to leverage brain science, mindset, the human energy body, and the Law of Attraction to dismantle limitation and unleash power, confidence, and momentum.

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