Energy Benefits of Blue Solar Water

What is blue solar water?

 This week try Blue Solar Water to energize  yourself and get a little stress relief.

I have been on a rampage to drink enough water each day to really feel awesome. I came to realize that I'd been pretty much dehydrated much of the time. I know because when I drank a lot, I'd go to the bathroom all the time.

When the body is dehydrated, it's like a potted plant that's all dry. When you pour in water, it just runs out. When the soil is moist and hydrated, it stays in the pot.

So now I'm trying to drink in the range of 8 - 16 glasses of water a day. One way that's really helping me is to fill up a large container that holds 8 glasses in the AM and to always take my water from that. It helps me keep track of where I'm at in my consumption. My goal is to drink 2 of those.

Blue Solar Water 

You'll notice the 2 cobalt blue bottles on my window sill. These are the containers I use... I make Blue Solar Water which has a stronger energy field than tap water.  

Yes, it is an identifiable bottle - I admit it, I love a Vodka and Tonic while sitting on my dock at my cottage. We also have a lot of company there, so these particular blue bottles are pretty easy to come by.

Why blue?

  • Blue is soothing, calming, great for sleep, relaxation, and regeneration.
  • It is great for stress relief. It decreases blood pressure and heart rate. (p.s. it's also great to visualize when you have issues in these areas- click here for visualization techniques)
  • It's great for headaches.
  • On the more spiritual front, it's good for meditation, spiritual growth, high mental qualities, and communication. 

How can you do this at home?

Take any cobalt blue container and fill it with good filtered water and place it in the sun for an hour or more.

What dos the sun have to do with it?

 The sun potentizes the water with the healing energy of the blue color and imbues it with a high vibrational resonance. When checking the energy field with dowsing rods, the energy field of the blue water is about 6 feet as compared to less than one foot for regular filtered tap water, so I feel more energized and "clearer" inside when I drink this water versus regular water.

All my clients start drinking Sky vodka to get their blue bottles, haha.  

So why do this?
Because my brain works better - it's an electrical jungle and electricity always flows better with water. Don't forget that water is a conductor. 
  • I can focus better and stay refreshed and alert when sitting for hours in front of my computer.
  • I sleep better because the blue vibration has a calming effect - I always have a big glass of water before bed.
  • My body's aches and pains seem to lessen or disappear when I'm truly hydrated.
  • It helps my body carry away toxins which can majorly contribute to anxious thinking or feeling blue.
  • I jam through my day because I have so much more energy.
  • Blue Solar Water fills me with love.
  • Blue Solar Water removes recurring “memories” or programs that run in your subconscious, freeing me from their effects.  Joe Vitali talks about this in his book "Zero Limits" I definitely feel good when I drink this stuff.
  • It fills me with calm and peace and I just cruise through my day.

...But don't just take it from me.

This is an excerpt from “The Zero Limits Seminar” by Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len

"But now, what THIS will do for you, because most of us run around dehydrated, it will do like this: If you have any respiratory problem, if you drink at least a gallon of this, it’ll knock it out; if you have any back problems, if you have any joint problems, if you have any muscle problems, it’ll knock it out…just memories. But, now you are hydrating yourself. Now, remember now, it’s going into The Subconscious before its goes into the cell. It’s changing you at The Subconscious level. So, if you drink this stuff, a Lot of your so called health problems will go…guaranteed.” ~ Dr, Hew Len

 Blue solar water is basically awesome.

Though it's great for your energy and stress relief, it's just one of my many anxiety relief tools.  My Stress Busting Resiliency Program is always here for those of you wanting that extra push to unleash your success and transform anxiety from fear to power, confidence and peace. This 8 week program consists of; 8 - 30 minute sessions jam packed with audios, handouts, tools, mindset training, and healing! Click the link above to find out what each week covers. If you want to learn more in regards to blue solar water, just google the benefits of drinking water in general and Ho'oponopono Blue Solar water in particular - it's downright inspiring and will help motivate you.

Let me know how you like your blue solar water!  People love it when I serve it at my workshops!

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Bambi Thompson is a brain coach for anxiety transformation and success acceleration. She teaches entrepreneurial women how to leverage brain science, mindset, the human energy body, and the Law of Attraction to dismantle limitation and unleash power, confidence, and momentum.

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