"I’ve worked with a lot of other coaches, who's approaches have been like being sprayed by a firehose.  Working with Bambi is like having someone walk up to you with a sparkle on her fingertip that touches the exact issue or blockage that needs to be transformed and having everything shift. She's spooky powerful - I have breakthroughs in my business or my challenges via emails and txts WHILE CLEARING THE ISSUE WITH HER ON THE PHONE!" B. Friest, Share the Sizzle

"Within an hour of having a session with you, I sold a$650 discovery session, and a coaching program at $950 per month, 6-months. Ran the card for $1,600 while on the phone!  F*CK YEAH! That sh*t works! I kept those two fingers pressed into my right thigh the whole time!  Thank you, thank you, thank you !...More to come ... off to watch your video!"  D. Taylor Klaus, DTK Coaching

Talking with Bambi focuses my energies in a way that no-one else does, whether it’s my mental health, my business direction, my self-worth - she switches off my negative thinking and boosts my "positive”.  She helps me get back into momentum and creates a burst of “I can do this” as I leave behind the overwhelm.  Bambi helps me say to myself what I need to say and what I know.  She puts the motion back into "stuck" "  K. Gaskill, Ecotec

"Bambi is a master of how to work with and eliminate anxiety and other brain farts that affect the quality of life and one's success.  She teaches you how to manage your brain instead of the brain managing you with unique and powerful techniques". G. Laughton, Relationship Architect

 "Bambi has an energy that speaks directly to my core. Her intuition pinpointed what immediately helped jumpstart a renewed drive that I needed. She has helped me let go of the negative aspects and focus on the positive aspects that have propelled my business to be more successful! Since I started my work with Bambi, my health, wealth and aspirations are just FALLING into place. I am amazed at how her coaching has brought to my life the things I have been wishing for! The overall happiness that I feel on a day-to-day basis continues to pay itself forward to brighter and better things! She inspires in me all I can be and more and she can do the same for you!" S. Oliver, ACN

 "Before working with Bambi, I was dissatisfied with my current job and feeling powerless to create positive changes in my life. I gained weight, became depressed, and succumbed to negative thinking. When I began working with her, I started to see results immediately. After our first session I felt incredibly hopeful and like my depression had lifted. I also received real strategies to help me in my day-to-day struggles at work, with my dealings with food, and in my relationships. Thanks to Bambi, I manifested the perfect wedding and was gifted with the perfect honeymoon trip to California. I am now on the way to launching a new company and releasing myself from my old work environment. I am empowered!"  N. Nelson, blossoming entrepreneur

 "I finally received your newsletter! I have been thinking about you and was going to call you and let you know that I have been FAITHFULLY doing the technique you taught me- twice daily and definitely notice a difference. I am combining it with positive affirmations as you said and am convinced it is making a difference. My GI system has also been better which is another added benefit as I was mainly looking for relaxation and relief of the crazy, dysfunctional anxiety. It has also definitely helped with my "OCD" tendencies and I feel calmer and able to focus better. I believe I am being more patient and listening to what people say and not just "jumping in" because I feel I can't wait a minute to say something. I am sleeping better as well, still using herbals but that is a given for me.  I am not using hardly any Xanax now." Anxiety coaching client