Enhance Visualization for Goal Achievement with Neuroscience

When visualizing, use neuroscience to engage more of your senses for goal achievement. 


We all know that visualization is a critical part of achieving our goals. Not all of us know how to amp up the experience to engage more of our brain's support. Things happen so fast for those of us who have our brains in the game.

Here are four simple way to make things even more powerful than just visualizing alone. Use some neuroscience magic and turn on more brain centers by engaging as many senses as possible.

Enhance visualization requires the senses.

1. Sound: Use one amazing piece of music that always ramps up your joy and energy. I am a composer and create my own music. One of my favorite pieces I created for a joy boost I captured during the creation process for YouTube. You can listen to it here. Using the same piece of music every time, means that you are training your brain to connect to the energy of your dreams. You're in training even when you listen to it just at random during the day. The brain loves repetition. Just as a baby feels comforted immediately with it's favorite stuffed animal, so can your brain feel empowered by a familiar piece of music.

2. Scent: Light a scented candle to bring in the light of God/Universal energy. Intend that the candle sends our requests out to the universe. You can also use aromatherapy essential oils or incense to trigger the olfactory system and get your brain engaged via scent. Say a little opening prayer or affirmation to open your session. Again, repetition is key for the brain so choose something that you'll use every time. For example, "May all that I desire and see in my mind's eye be manifested now for the highest good of all and I am in gratitude for the support of the Divine and all that surrounds me."

3. Visual: Have a vision board with an image for each goal that you are trying to achieve. Our brains love images! When you work with a vision board it helps a lot. It helps because you can easily recall those pictures at will, when driving, when working out, when relaxing in your hot-tub.

4. Touch: This is touch technique I like to do. I hold a gemstone and roll it around in my hand. I then put it in my pocket during the day to remind me of my affirmations and my intentions. Every time I see it or hold it I'm reconnected to the emotional state of my visualization work.

Do this routine every AM and PM. Saying your affirmations frequently during the day  will get your subconscious mind supporting you all the way. The more senses engaged, the more of your brain is triggered, the more successfully you can program your subconscious mind.

That good old R.A.S. or reticular activating system will go to work like a Labrador retriever, eagerly fetching into your experience those "sticks" of intention you've been repeatedly throwing out to the universe.

You will gain more and more confidence as you achieve your goals with greater ease, when you use these visualization techniques. For more tools you can find what you need on my website, www.bambithompson.com.

Maybe you're wondering if you need a brain coach. Well here are some common questions and answers. 

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