What is a Brain Coach? Q and A

What's a Brain Coach? 

When I tell people I am a Brain Coach, I often have to answer several questions.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions...

FAQ: What does that mean?

It means I get your brain working for you and not against you.  I teach you how to work with your thoughts and your belief wiring to get your brain on board, supporting your goals, and unleashing new levels of performance, confidence, and security so you can accelerate your success.  I'm the FIRST coach anyone should hire because it's the brain that makes you able to utilize what other coaches teach you, so you can stay in action with traction and not stall out in overwhelm and self-sabotage.

FAQ: So you're like a Life Coach, right?

While working with me certainly changes your life, I'm more about mastering your thoughts, re-wiring your beliefs, and working with the mechanics of your brain to optimize yourself and your energy of success. My training is vastly different. I am an Occupational Therapist, who specializes in two things...non-medication anxiety solutions, and how the brain learns, grows, and can be re-programmed. I have worked in the schools with students with Learning Disabilities, ADHD, Aspergers, and Developmental Delays.  My expertise was in unlocking how their brain learned, putting information in, and helping them to succeed.

I am also an energy healer, have studied holistic healing for over 30 years, and have had my own personal experience with debilitating Panic Disorder, from which I freed myself with the power of my mind and the tools that I teach.

I take all of this experience and training and use it to activate the energy that makes you magnetic and more successful with greater ease.

FAQ: Mind Mastery... So it's like mindset right?

No - in my practice, it's far more than that.  It's using an unstoppable combination of neuroscience, energy healing, positive psychology, the Law of Attraction, and success strategies.

It's the ability to:

  • actually re-wire the neuronal pathways in your brain through emotional mastery techniques.
  • work with the "bartender" in your brain by ordering up "happy cocktails" instead of "stress cocktails" like cortisol, and adrenalin.
  • dissolve your subconscious programs that are sabotaging your success, at their root.
  • manage and clear the energetic vibration of anxiety and insecurity in your body.
  • turn off fear and step into confidence and power.
  • manifest with the Law of Attraction quickly and powerfully.

FAQ:  How do I know if I would benefit from working with a Brain Coach?

Well basically if...

  • you are stuck, or frustrated at your progress or can't seem to dial in that goal you've been working on for what seems like forever.
  • you say, 'No thanks" to amazing opportunities because of fear.
  • you don't implement what your coaches and mentor tell you because of overwhelm.
  • you do the "Start and stop dance" because of procrastination.
  • your follow-up sucks because of a lack of confidence.
  • you are disorganized, unfocused, and inefficient.
  • you struggle with anxiety, depression, or fatigue.

FAQ: So what happens when I work with you?

You become your own "Mind Whisperer", with a powerful tool box of techniques that keep you in your power by transforming your limitation, optimizing your brain function, mastering your emotions, and unleashing a new you!

  • You discover your inner powerhouse
  • You ignite your hidden capability
  • You optimize your performance
  • You accelerate your momentum
  • You master goal achievement
  • You revolutionize your confidence
  • You transform your emotional stability and power.
  • You unleash your vibrancy and health.

Gotcha intrigued?  It'll change your life!  So give it a try!

Get your complimentary "Skyrocket your Inner Game" Success Session and we'll figure out how to get you started to your radiance, power, confidence, and success.

Bambi Thompson is a brain coach for anxiety transformation and success acceleration. She teaches entrepreneurial women how to leverage brain science, mindset, the human energy body, and the Law of Attraction to dismantle limitation and unleash power, confidence, and momentum.


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