The "House of Success" Mind Hack for Focus and Stress Relief

Clear out the clutter and get focused. Start by cleaning your "House of success," with this mind hack.

Have you ever thought about how various compartments in your life are either bringing you joy and energy, or depleting the hell out of your mojo.  I like to think of them as rooms of a house.


Our success is greatest when we have balance in our lives, professionally, personally, physically, spiritually, mentally, romantically. This balance means we have our energy optimized and available for our use to unleash and accelerate our success- in any arena of life.

I see each area listed above as a room in my House of Success.

When I speak, I take my audiences through a little exercise of looking at a house template with the following rooms: anxiety, depression, sleep, money, relationships, and health.

I have them color each room in if they have stress or discontent in them- on a scale of 1-10.  The room will be clean and clear if there are no issues in that area,(a zero) or it will be filled in to the level of distress they feel - ie. the ceiling is a 10 and just a bit is a one or two - just a tiny bit above the floor. In the attic is the magic mojo and powerful energy of joy, peace, harmony, balance.  

I talk about cleaning your house of success so you can blow the roof off your house and unleash all these high frequency feelings and vibes out to the Universe to work with the Law of Attraction and create your success with ease and speed. It's a very impactful mind hack and success strategy that shows people exactly where they need to focus their efforts to unleash the energy of success in their bodies and therefore, their businesses. One cannot be optimized and functioning at peak levels when they are sick, lonely, broke, anxious, or not sleeping.

That is where my work lies, to give them the tools and success strategies to declutter your mind and laser focus their intentions not on the struggle but the end goal, the dream, the money, the life. 

So take a minute and reflect on what your house of success looks like.  Do you only have 1-2 rooms to clear out, or are you pretty cluttered and dirty? Focus on which room, if you were to empty if of it's struggle, would give you the most energy, vitality, and joy and begin to restore balance and peace there.  Release the beliefs, energies, fears, and sabotage that are cluttering that arena of your life, then move on to the next one. If you are like most of my clients, the money room is rather full of debris (fear, insecurity, scarcity, anger...)  Having the tools to clear out that shit is critical. Clear mind; clear focus.

I have a prosperity masterclass audio that teaches just that and you may want to check that out. In that 1 hour audio you will have the energy clearing and techniques that lifted the veil between me, and many of my client's money, helping us to manifest more, align for more, and release the past which was blocking our income. In short- it is the very process I used to quadruple my income in two months! You can learn more here!

In the meantime- take stock of where the clutter is in your house of success, and start sweep, sweep, sweeping your saboteurs away! Declutter your mind. Use this mind hack to get your priorities, and goals in sight.

Feeling like you need to literally clean and clear your home?

Here is some Feng Shui for wealth. In this short video you'll learn how to create balance in the home for more success, happiness and health.


Bambi Thompson is a brain coach for anxiety transformation and success acceleration. She teaches entrepreneurial women how to leverage brain science, mindset, the human energy body, and the Law of Attraction to dismantle limitation and unleash power, confidence, and momentum.

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