Prosperity Energy Mastermind

The Energy Mastermind (audio)

A masterclass, an energy healing, a game plan, and techniques for energizing prosperity and success.

This powerful Success Acceleration / energy alignment audio will send you on an amazing trajectory forward and give you transformational tools to work with daily for energizing your goals and stepping into your confidence and power. 

This unique and powerful success acceleration workshop audio will not only educate, but transform and empower you to neutralize scarcity energy, unleash confidence, increase prosperity consciousness, and speed up your goal achievement.

"I'm kinda totally blown away on ALL levels!"


This audio WILL blow your circuits around how you think and energetically vibrate about Money/ Prosperity.

Every energy mastermind teaches new skills, mindset shifters, and "energy hygiene" protocols, so it's a great place for a regular tune up, if attracting more money and success with greater ease and fun is a desire in your life.

“Within an hour of having a session with you, I sold a$650 discovery session, and a coaching program at $950 per month, 6-months. Ran the card for $1,600 while on the phone!
F*CK YEAH!  That sh*t works!
– Entrepreneurial colleague remarks after his session to release fear of sales that AM.

You will learn how to release the "Puny You" beliefs and patterns that keep you stuck in scarcity as well as this month's game changing skills:

1. How to amplify your mojo energy when you are too depleted to muster it from your own resources.

2. Master some cool tricks to attract money with the Law of Attraction.

3. Understand how the money machine of the Universe works and how to keep it flowing money to you.

4. How to use a forgiveness practice to bless money and clear past "money / scarcity stories."

5. How to keep your energy aligned, open, and in "receiving mode."

“I actually felt so excited that I couldn’t wait to go read my emails and my messages to see what had come in - I felt so excited that it felt like it would be right there, and there were some great messages there! It was so fun to see the immediate manifestations already happening”

When energy is intentionally cultivated, raised in frequency, and shared as a group, amazing shifts can happen beyond 1:1 work.

This opportunity is yours for a $47 investment... for your future!

Is it right for me?

Well, are you ready to:

  • build your  life from a point of power and confidence?
  • generate powerful prosperity vibrations?
  • achieve your goals faster and  attract your success?
  • have more energy, excitement, and motivation?
  • have a quantum leap forward for what you are working towards?

Yes, but why should I invest the time and money in this audio if I do my affirmations and work on my goals daily?


Strong, clear, confident, forward running energy = success
Weak, murky, insecure, backward running energy = struggle

Energies running in the wrong direction are extremely common in today's stressful society.  Most people are blowing fuses in their brain as a result of stress, toxicity, fear, pressure, fatigue etc. etc. etc.  It scrambles our energy flow, we lose clarity, cant' focus, get fatigued, feel overwhelmed, spin our wheels, and just can't seem to "lift the veil" between us and our success.

It's frustrating as hell, because you've read every book, followed every tip, and visualized your brains out, yet that breakthrough remains elusive.

Your energies are scrambled and no matter how hard you work, you ain't gonna get the results you desire because you are fighting the flow of the river of energy in your body, and the flow is going to win every time.
It's surprisingly simple to reverse this condition, and when you do- all things start to shift.  

Money begins to flow, successes begin to come faster, more frequently, and more easily.

The Energy Mastermind audio is a powerhouse manifesting session -

It's an Olympic athletes pre-gaming dream, a CEO's secret sauce, and your jet pack to where you want to go. 

"I've worked with a lot of other coaches, who's approaches have been like being sprayed by a firehose.  Working with Bambi is like having someone walk up to you with a sparkle on her fingertip that touches the exact issue or blockage that needs to be transformed and having everything shift. She's spooky powerful - I have breakthroughs in my business or my challenges via emails and txts WHILE CLEARING THE ISSUE WITH HER ON THE PHONE!"

- Blane Friest, CEO of DDM Productions and Producer of "The Maverick Way."

It's true...we shift some SERIOUS energy and people see results in the hours, days, and months after these calls. 

This transformational 1 hour audio will send you on an amazing trajectory forward and give you powerful tools to work with daily for energetic hygiene, energizing your goals and stepping into your confidence and power.  

This is like having an energy clearing session with me, but it has the benefit of the groups energy being combined and intentionally used to power up each person's personal goals.

Participants will learn how to do a daily practice to get energy flow going in a forward direction,to align their energy for their goal achievement, and to amply their vibrational frequency on demand for peak performance.  They will experience an energetic clearing of stagnant energy blocks and learn how to release subconscious saboteurs  which stand in the way to our goal achievement. We will finish with intentionally creating a powerful energy field to support all participants' quest for prosperity and success with a high- energy visualization process that often creates breakthroughs on the very same day!

Everyone who listens will feel energized, excited, and inspired with new ways of working with their mind and the vibration of emotion for building the energy of success and confidence.

So often I am "trying to figure it out," put a plan in place, and implement it…  Often it's futile. That's why Bambi's work is so great. It is way beyond the mind. During one of Bambi's guided meditations I completely left my body. When I came back I knew something was different. I just didn't know what it was. And it doesn't matter because over the next several weeks I effortlessly and easily made big changes in my business that have led to positive results all year!  Michael Tertes - University of Superheroes

This is a  great way to jumpstart the next quantum leap in your business with the support of your subconscious mind and the Quantum realm! Whenever I do these group sessions, participants have significant breakthroughs in their lives.  

Using just the Prosperity booster tips alone, one client attracted $15,000 of business within 24 hours.  Another client has been able to stay in consistent action and attract new clients when previously stuck in insecurity and procrastination.

If you are ready to move out of struggle and into alignment with the abundance around you, you won't want to miss this opportunity for powerful transformation. You'll leave feeling amazingly stoked for the opportunities ahead!

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