3 Simple Steps to Increase Your Prosperity Energy

We all know about using affirmations to manifest things. Watch out.  Sometimes, instead of increasing your prosperity energy and positive mindset, they can backfire on you.

If you try to use affirmations like "I have all the money I need", "I am prosperous", "I am a money magnet", and you feel a little tightening in your gut, or your minds says, "bullshit", or you feel like you're lying, the universe only registers the vibration of that contractive energy, not the positive words.

Fear not!

There is a back door way into your mind that doesn't trigger that resistance and  unwanted vibration. That's the magic of being a "Mind Whisperer"

The way to create what you want is as simple as three things.

Step #1- Precede your affirmation with the phrase "I am in the process of..."   For example, "I am in the process of manifesting all the money I need", or "I am in the process of becoming prosperous", or "I am in the process of becoming a money magnet".

This shuts up the ego which screams "You are such a liar - your broke and there's no way out:" What can it say to "I am in the process of..."?  Not much.

It's your way of acknowledging that you are not there yet, but you're using your mind to get there, so it's OK that you don't see it in physical form yet.

Step #2 -Wish abundance and financial security for everyone you see, all day, every day.  

Listen up here folks, this next statement is huge...WHAT YOU WISH FOR SOMEONE ELSE ...YOU ARE BRINGING TO YOURSELF!!  

Why?  Because you are focused on it, and what you focus on- you bring into your life.

It's really easy to wish that everyone is feeling happy because they have enough money, and to imagine them with overflowing bank accounts, and money falling onto everyone's heads from the sky.

(I get pretty wacky with my visualizations 'cuz the more fun and playful they are, the more effective they are)

Somehow it's easier to help someone else out more than it is to help ourselves out. This is what I call a "Mind Hack" - a backdoor way to program your brain and your subconscious mind to be in an abundant mindset.

This eliminates the thing that tends to sabotage our manifesting prowess the fastest - we won't be watching for change in our own finances. It will just happen as a result of wishing it for others. Now you have to appreciate all the ways that the universe will reward you monetarily - you'll get a 2 for 1 special at the store for something you were going to buy any way. A friend will give you a book you've always wanted. You'll get a refund for an overpaid bill.  You'll get a gift certificate from your bank.

It isn't always in the form of money, but all of these things mean you have more money in your life.

Step #3 - Be in gratitude for all the things that were given to you in your lifetime

That was prosperity since it was money in the form of gifts in your life. By tapping into the feeling of a memory of money being in your life- you are fooling your brain and energy field into thinking it's here NOW!

Go back through your lifetime and revisit receiving your favorite gifts, the food that was put on the table, the school clothes that were bought, the Easter basket candy, the Halloween costumes, the trips and vacations that you went on as a little kid.

Memories are great tools for getting where we want to go by tapping into the emotions of those happy, successful, prosperous times.

Again- what we focus on we attract. If you're struggling with your prosperity energy you may want to take a look at my Prosperity Energy Mastermind Audio. It's a masterclass, an energy healing, a game plan, and techniques for energizing prosperity and success.


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Bambi Thompson is a brain coach for anxiety transformation and success acceleration. She teaches entrepreneurial women how to leverage brain science, mindset, the human energy body, and the Law of Attraction to dismantle limitation and unleash power, confidence, and momentum.

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