11 Health Benefits of Smiling

Smiling is healthy! But why? How does smiling benefit our health? 

What happens when someone's silly and playful? Wild, wacky, and ridiculous? There's laughter of course, but there's something more. There are smiles. I'm not referring to a grimace here folks. I mean a real SMILE! A "Duchenne" Smile which gets the wrinkles at your eyes. (Look it up!) Believe it or not there are many health benefits of smiling.


These smiles are magical things! HEALING things, Just look at the list...  

  1. Smiling make us more approachable – A positive disposition draws positive people into our lives and alleviating our loneliness. That's healing.
  2. Smiling changes our mood - Smiling can trick the body into feeling lighter, despite what's happening. That's healing.
  3. Smiling is contagious - When you smile, you brighten up a room and that changes other people’s moods, and then THEY begin to smile. That's healing.
  4. Smiling releases endorphins and serotonin – When these chemicals are released together in our bodies and minds, they make us feel good and changes our physiology. That's healing.
  5. Smiling relieves stress – When you feel good (because of the above mentioned chemical reaction), your stress level is lowered; then you can take better action, thus reducing more stress. That's healing.
  6. Smiling boosts your immune system – When you’re more relaxed, your body performs better, this includes your immune system. That's healing.
  7. Smiling lowers your blood pressure – When you’re less stressed and more relaxed, your blood pressure improves. Try taking your blood pressure, then smile for 60 seconds and take it again while still smiling. There will be a measurable reduction in your blood pressure. That's healing...AND cool!
  8. Smiling makes us appear younger – Smiling lifts our face and creates the appearance of youth. And when you look younger, you feel younger, and when you feel younger there's more to smile about...That's healing.
  9. Smiling makes you more confident and successful – When you smile, people perceive you as being more confident and successful, that helps YOU believe in yourself. That's healing.
  10. Smiling causes others to relax - A smile has the power to melt away other's insecurities, and being surrounded by secure folks is a good thing because it raises your energy. That's healing.
  11. Smiling increases your tolerance for pain – As previously mentioned, your brain releases chemicals when you smile. Another result of this is natural pain killers. That's healing.

So you see, you can call yourself a "Healer". Unless for some reason you have trouble smiling, in which case I suggest you fake it and say "EEEE". Even a fake smile is still a smile which will still send out those same happy "brain cocktails". Who knew how many health benefits of smiling there were? So show us your teeth and make your eyes look crinkly until you can alleviate what's going on in your life that's making a smile such foreign territory. Oh and btw, smiling can totally boost your business confidence and success! Check out my blog - "6 Ways to Boost Your Business Confidence."  


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