Quick and Easy Anxiety Relief Technique

“Stop Light” Anchoring Technique for quick anxiety relief.

With all of the chaos of today's world, we can often feel apprehensive, feel that icky butterfly/queasiness in our bellies, feel exhausted, unmotivated, flat, and “lost”. When our children's fears are added in to the mix, it really ramps up our own response. The following anchoring technique is a quick way to get your body to align into a more harmonious and empowered place. It's very simple to teach our children as well.

It is something I teach my clients to overcome the feelings of fear and insecurity, exhaustion, and powerlessness so many of us live with every day.  

Visualize a stop light with the 3 colors.

Red on the bottom, yellow in the middle, and green on the top. Imagine the stop light on your body having a red light just above your pubic bone, yellow light over your heart center, and a green light on the "third eye".

Each color has an associated affirmation and intended state…

RED is “I am SAFE." Red represents love, coziness, and comfort.

YELLOW is “I am CALM,” or energized, or whatever state you desire in the moment. In this particular time you may want it to be "LOVING" and see yourself sending healing love and light to your own loved ones and the victims of this tragedy. Yellow represents a sunburst of energy.

GREEN is “I am POWERFUL." Green represents new leaf growth, and manifesting power.   When you visualize, say the affirmation of each thing and train your body to associate a finger with each phrase, color, and state.  

RED “I am safe” THUMB.  See the light glowing and a comforting feeling flowing in. YELLOW “ I am calm” INDEX FINGER.  See the light activated and pulsating like a sun. GREEN “I am Powerful” THIRD FINGER.  Whether it is healing, a feeling of security, confidence or success, see yourself. See yourself beaming a light out of your forehead, commanding the universe with what you want to manifest in that moment.  

Put all three fingers together to “activate” and integrate all 3 states simultaneously.

To use, put the fingers together and quickly say and feel the states of being. Visualize yourself EMPOWERED, COURAGEOUS, AND MANIFESTING YOUR DESIRES. Once you program your brain with this physical action, your body will begin to associate it with the state you’re intending, therefore quickly shifting gears giving you quick anxiety relief. Here is a video for you where I discuss how to use the stop light anchoring technique and how to apply it to help alleviate stress, especially holiday stress. Please take the time to learn this and share it with your children. I say this because it's just such a  powerful, and effective technique that can be used in all sorts of situations. May you find comfort in this fearful time. For more tools can be found on my website. You can also check out my Youtube page for tutorial videos, and meditations for anxiety transformation and success acceleration.   

© 2018 Bambi Thompson

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