My Sanity System to R.A.S.S.L Stress and Anxiety Away

So, what is this R.A.S.S.L system I speak of? 

Every day is a challenge when you’re like me and dedicated to staying in an optimistic and peaceful place. We are so surrounded by negativity, pessimism, hopelessness, and fear. It takes a lot of work and a variety of tools to stay in balance. For me, staying peaceful and happy is particularly essential because it really affects my outer appearance. As a healer and coach I HAVE to look radiant, healthy and happy, because lets think about it; Would YOU go to a healer who looks stressed out, unhealthy, full of anxiety, stress and depressed?

I am my best advertisement, for when people hear about the severity of the suffering I experienced with Panic Disorder back in 1997, they can't believe I'm the same person. "You're so sparkly, happy, and calm!" Yep! My sanity system, the other tools I teach and the healing I do really does work!    

So how do I pull it off? I AM what I teach.

(Authentic Marketing at it's very best) I work with myself, every day, every minute of my life.

Below are just a few of the tools I use when things are getting “glitchy” and I could easily slide down the slippery slope of “FREAK OUT!” And as a solo-preneur there is plenty of stress available to "take me down." But I work my mojo - I call it ·“Rassling the Stress Away”. It’s not rocket science, but damn, does it work!

The Sanity System

  1. Reframe - Ask yourself, “What would a calm person do right now?” (or if you’re one of my lucky students, you would naturally be inserting “Bambi” into the “calm person” space... subliminal messaging there!) I always say to myself “Be the Buddha” which totally kicks me in the pants Freak- Out -wise, because I don’t think the Buddha freaks out. (At least not publicly)  

  2. Affirm - Make your self-talk positive and calming. “It’s going to be great when I figure this out...nothing lasts forever and this too shall pass....I am safe...I can handle this calmly and effectively...etc, etc, etc.” I choose peace in place of chaos and while I have to remind myself to do so, it does become a practiced response over time. And without all that cortisol release my brain works like a 50 year old (OMG did she really just say that?) and not a 5 year old.

  3. Slow Down - Breathe and MOVE slowly, despite feeling frantic and stomping around like that headless chicken. It actually affects your physiology and your mind and helps both to respond with calm.

  4. Smile - Did you know that your facial expressions greatly impact your mood? WHOA. That’s pretty scary when you start walking around “out there”. No wonder the pharmaceutical industry is so happy.

    Put a relaxed facial expression on, or even better, a smile, and you will gradually FEEL more relaxed.
  5. Laugh - A no-brainer. Find something funny to say. Laughter actually releases chemicals which improves alertness, mental functioning, and reduces blood pressure. Imagine your situation being the topic for a Jerry Seinfeld show... can you imagine the dialogue created by one so astute as to observe the following...”Dogs are the leaders of the planet. If you see two life forms, one of them is making a poop, the other one's carrying it for him, who would you assume is in charge?” Jerry Seinfeld


And last but not least...

 Don’t let the outer world (the news, the cancer, the economy, the spouse) be the "poop maker" in your mind.  And of course don’t YOU be caught carrying it around. Take control and take back your thoughts. 

Think, speak, and visualize what you WANT, not what you fear....Your life will thank you! (Complainers Beware, this just might put you out of business.)  

Continue to watch this Blog, as I will use it as a way to share insights and techniques for reducing stress and unleashing success!  Get more techniques and a great meditation with my FREE Anxiety Breakthrough Jumpstart kit below. 

You will NOT regret it, I promise cuz the info there is NOT your everyday stress management blah blah blah.  

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