Money Making Games of the Mind

How to achieve financial goals faster and easier with this simple money making mind game technique...

One of the critical things we must use for our brain to change our money mindset and support our financial goals, is the visual and emotional impact of images

Take a moment to think.....What does wealth look like?

Let me help, because most clients are so stuck in struggle stories that they can't get their head out of the weeds to see possibility. It's like they don't even have receptors of what that could look like. Lets play a little money making mind game.

Read this and feel how this sits with you energetically. Do a quick body, mood scan before you read this to get a baseline. Read it slowly and really connect into the images and the feeling of what they elicit.

You travel first class, you eat in beautiful restaurants, you have gorgeous bouquets in every room of your house, your fridge is full of organic beautiful food in beautiful containers, you have someone come and prepare meals for you once a week so you can work in your business and have self-indulgent meals at the end of a long day, you have a weekly massage or monthly facial, you get any healthcare you desire, you have amazing chats with your accountant about how well your portfolio is doing, you drive the car of your dreams, you help your children and grandchildren with their college so they graduate debt free, you take your love on the trip of his/her dreams, you have any adventure you desire, you create organizations that help others around the world get what they need and want, you can give freely because the money flows in freely, you feel joyful and purposeful, you wake excited and asking"Who and how can I serve today?".....

Now compare your body and mood to how it was before you started.

Every one of these is an image which triggers a powerful emotion.

It's hard to have an image or emotion of $200,000, but it's easy to imagine and feel the experiences and things the $200,000 will bring into your life. When you create and achieve financial goals, go beyond the numbers and go into the gifts it will bring. The feeling you have in your body is Serotonin, Dopamine, and Oxytocin. Those are the brain chemicals that bring in feelings of happiness, excitement and good vibrations. The energy of that is the energy that makes you "magnetized for success."  It's the energy that greases the wheels of your success!

Get started with a free 45 minute success strategy session!  When you train your brain to feel that way when you think of your income goals- it comes much easier and faster. And this is just one of the many money making games of the mind out there.  

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Bambi Thompson, OTR/L is a transformational speaker, author, former radio show host, and brain coach for anxiety transformation and success acceleration. Known as “The Mind Whisperer”, she combines her Occupational Therapy training with her own unique mind mastery innovations, brain science, energy medicine, metaphysics and the Law of Attraction to get your brain working FOR you and not against you. This ultimately leads to unleashing your ability to transcend limitation, optimize performance, and unleash success.

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