Manifesting Tool That Works Magic

This is a great manifesting tool / process that works with the Law of Attraction AND your brain to create physiological and energetic boosts in your body.


So much of my work in helping people master their emotions, is about switching out  fear and doubt, and turning on  power and hope.  I have many tools in my toolbox for doing this, but this is one of my favorites.

It's literally a rocket of power-boosting energy.  It raises your vibration really fast, and is just a joy to do. The cool part? Not only are you manifesting with the Law of Attraction the whole time you're doing it, but you're also working with the bartender in your brain. You're getting your brain to secrete "Happy" chemicals into your bloodstream. I'm talking about dopamine, endorphin, oxytocin and serotonin.  What I refer to as the Power Martini (as opposed to the Puny Martini).

So here's how it works:

1.Pick a goal that you want to manifest and write it at the top of a page. In this case we'll use "I want to have $1,000 extra cash".

2. Write 12  high vibrational statements as you can. They doesn't have to directly relate to money, just statements that you can connect into the vibration of them.

I love the feeling of getting unexpected money.

It's so exciting when clients make referrals for me.

I love having the money to go out to dinner.

I love being able to take whatever personal development classes.

I want to I love feeling free around money.

I love the feeling of depositing checks into my bank account.

I love the joy of taking my family on vacation

....etc. etc.

3. Read the initial "Desire" statement out loud followed by the 12 statements,

4. Read the 12 statements, each one 3 times, then the next 3 times, etc. out loud and with passion

5. Read the initial desire statement but change "I want..." to "I now have..." Can you feel the amazing energy now running through your body?  It's not only a vibrational frequency that's gonna kick ass with the Law Of Attraction, but there is a physiological, biochemical reaction of beautiful hormones and neuropeptides like oxytocin and endorphins etc. that are making you feel great.


Know that the minutes spent doing this with high vibrational frequencies has been manifesting what you desire, so it is true to say" I now have..." See each statement spoken as a tiny blueprint spinning out in the quantum realm manifesting for you even when you are sleeping or playing or working...You now have an ally in the journey. 

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Bambi Thompson is a brain coach for anxiety transformation and success acceleration. She teaches entrepreneurial women how to leverage brain science, mindset, the human energy body, and the Law of Attraction to dismantle limitation and unleash power, confidence, and momentum.

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