Life's Abundance - Creating Your Wonderful Life

Grab hold of life's abundance and start creating the wonderful life you were meant to live.

Honestly, that is what the Universe/ God/ Great Spirit/  the big Kahuna in the Sky wants for you. No, actually designs for you; a life full of abundance. 

The problem is, our thoughts disturb the flow of life's abundance, wealth, love, health, and joy which is pointed right at our "inbox" of life.

So darn it, we suffer, we struggle, we believe in and experience scarcity. When you realize this, you can begin to really work on honing some powerful skills to switch out the thinking that you do.  Most of us are so wired to worry that it's nearly impossible to even configure some nice happy thoughts.

I was that person once upon a time, back in 1997 when I had debilitating Panic Disorder.  I actually couldn't hold a positive thought for longer than 6 seconds before anxiety shut me down again. Yes folks, I had a stopwatch to test the phenomenon. However, once I learned how to use my thoughts to manage the energy in my body with visuals, colors, and affirming statements...holy shit did my life begin to change.  And it continues to change.

I learned how to let go of that fear; to let go of that anxiety and start to let in life's abundance.

Make the Law of Attraction work for you and not against you. "Abundance is the process of letting go; that which is empty, can receive." - Bryant H. McGill I'm not saying I don't still visit dark thoughts - it is the human condition.  

I tell my clients that I believe that even Jesus and Buddha had dark thoughts, but they, like I, knew how to switch off the negative and power up the positive. Believe me, with what I know to be true about the Law of Attraction, you better believe I don't hang around in my fears and anger for very long. I work my ass off getting out of there. I make sure to forgive, let go, and transform my thoughts into something positive instead of negative. While some days it takes longer than others, I can always re-connect with my power and my peace.  

Thank God for that!  

And you can too. Be blessed with life's abundance and that wonderful life you deserve.  

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