How to manifest when you are busy doing other things

Have you ever felt like manifesting takes so much work and time?

Feeling a little behind the 8-ball because you are so busy "just surviving".

No worries! I gotcha covered with this Power Tip.

Today, I thought I would share a bit of insight into how to use your present NOW moment to make the most significant impact on your inner peace and create your future success. 

It is as simple as recognizing that the only CREATIVE moment you have is the present moment. 

Think about how much time you spend projecting worry into your future, which is undoubtedly manifesting things to worry about. How much time do you spend projecting regret, anger, frustration, or disappointment as you are thinking and reflecting on your past?

Whatever thoughts you have in the present moment are actively creating the experience, people, money problems, or challenges in your future life!

 To counteract the impact of these negative thoughts. I have been "commanding and demanding" that a part of my brain will always be in an excited, anticipatory state of... RECEIVING GOOD STUFF. 

 What am I receiving? Fun shit like a miracle, a gift from the universe, a spark of joy, or health and physical comfort in my body. 

 Suppose I have a part of my brain always looking or anticipating the reception of these things with excitement. That means there is a continuous vibrational flow of creative energy towards... receiving gifts, having a miracle, experiencing more physical comfort in my body, or receiving a spark of joy!

 How groovy is THAT, and how does it get even better than that?

 This strategy allows me to focus on the day's work, knowing that there is a frequency that is continuously being broadcast to create grooviness in my future moments.

 This has been very helpful, and it has absolutely amplified the gifts, the miracles, the comfort in my body, and the sparks of joy that I have been experiencing this week!

 So I invite you to try the following this week:

 Your homework is to write on several sticky notes "I command and demand that a part of my brain will be held in the vibration of excited anticipation of receiving a miracle, a gift, a spark of joy, or comfort in my body."

Put these around your house in several places so that you are constantly being reminded to re-engage that intention with part of your brain. 

 While your friends and family will think you've gone completely off the deep end who really cares? We need to see things repeatedly for the brain to solidly learn something, or in my case, to even remember something.

 Then just move through your day as you would, focused on what you need to focus on. 

 I invite you to do that. And let me know how that works for you.

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I think you'll really love what you learn!



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