Finding Balance In Life Between Work and Play

Finding balance in life. It's all about balance baby...balance. 

So one of the major breakthroughs I've had lately in my life is demanding of myself and finding balance in my life between the work and the play. Isn't that an interesting choice of words ("demand of myself")..actually as I wrote that it kind of startled me. Isn't that what being the creator of our lives is all about? Demanding things of ourselves.

Letting go of sabotaging thoughts and patterns, to step into the abyss of new territory, to seek excellence and the happy path.  

For me I have demanded balance in my life. This meant sometimes doing nothing but relax, when I really needed to be meeting a deadline. Magically the deadlines are always met.  

Maybe it was saying "yes" to my husband or teenage daughter when I really wanted to be catching up on work. The happiness and love I received from that choice more than powered up my catching up.  

The beautiful thing of it is that when I worked hard all the time, my business was a struggle, my income low, and my happiness OK.

Now that I play more, and take time off more, and simply do what I want to do in a moment, my productivity increases, my income rises, my energy and healing work explodes. And you know what? I seem to have more than enough time. It really is all about finding balance in life.  

It's a beautiful thing to realize, since I was on the path to burn out several months ago.

Now I create specialness in my day, like today. I've got 4 other women business owners all at my cottage, each at their own work station, cranking out their work, but with the seabreeze caressing our typing fingers, the gulls serenading our souls, and the ocean air unleashing our creativity. The is me in my bikini, writing this very blog, looking at the ocean and being in "flow": working hard, but feeling like we're hardly working as it's so special, fun, and inspiring.  

Other ways I infuse balance and specialness into my workday:

1. When sitting down to make lots of calls, I'll burn my aromatherapy, put on beautiful music, and have fresh flowers on my desk. Loving myself during the work day is reflected to the people I talk to as a calm, loving energy that they respond to. They even comment on this "feeling" they have when talking to me.  

2. Taking a brief walk and doing my affirmations / visualizations about what I am achieving that day. Doing this at mid-day to re-boot the brain and set my intention for the afternoon.  

3. Setting a timer for quitting time - with a first timer going off 30 minutes before to get my desk cleared and my plan for the next day written down, all the while having a mantra going to clear any icky energy debris from the workspace and the plan for the next day. The result of this new shift...more quality time with my family, a more relaxed and happy mind, a healthier body, and more income...what's not to like? So how can you demand balance in your life and inject specialness into your day? No one will do it for you. You can make your work week a labor, or make it a labor of loving yourself in the journey.

I'd love to hear what you do to achieve specialness, and start finding balance in your busy life. Inspire me more! Email me at [email protected]


Bambi Thompson is a brain coach for anxiety transformation and success acceleration. She teaches entrepreneurial women how to leverage brain science, mindset, the human energy body, and the Law of Attraction to dismantle limitation and unleash power, confidence, and momentum.

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