Abundance and Gratitude: Hitting Your Prosperity Zone

How's your abundance and gratitude lately? Have you hit your prosperity zone?

Ever notice that when you focus on achieving a goal, you focus on all the things that you haven’t done yet, what you haven’t achieved yet, what you don’t have yet… All the things that create dissatisfaction, pressure, stress, and bummer feelings and energy?

What’s up with that?

We never celebrate our baby steps towards the goal, the daily tasks that we accomplished that are taking us ever closer and closer. No.

We just focus on our shortcomings and limitations. Especially in the arena of money, abundance and prosperity I had a real eye opener the other day and I had to chuckle.

For years I have been working on building my abundance and gratidude consciousness, and my wealth awareness. Years of studies, lots of energy healing work, hours upon hours of visualization and affirmations.  

I always focused on trying to live with wealth consciousness in order to have more prosperity and abundance. One day I was reading Deepak Chopra’s “Creating Affluence- The A-Z Steps to a Richer Life” and read his definition of Wealth Consciousnes. It’s a mindset that involves seeing life, “not as a struggle but as an adventure where our needs are met with grace and ease”. It’s living with gratitude, seeing beauty in all things, and having an open heart in every situation. It’s really knowing that all that we need is available to us at all times, in all situations.

Holy sh*t!  It suddenly dawned on me that I had arrived. I had hit my prosperity zone.

For most of my time these days I am resonating in that place, but I hadn’t acknowledged it. The quest had been such a part of my life for so long that I had overlooked the fact that I had arrived. (so to speak – since “arriving” is all relative)

Abundance and gratitude go hand in hand.

I just want to remind all of us to sit in gratitude at the end of each day and celebrate all the baby steps we’ve taken, all the little and big accomplishments we’ve done and focus on what we do have. Focus on the people, the love, the health, the money, the roof over our head.

Pat yourself on the back for a change instead of cracking the whip. This is especially true around money. Money loves to be loved and the more we are in appreciation and gratitude of what we have, the more we have to appreciate.

As for your mindset?

Act as if you have arrived, that you have it your prosperity zone. No-one knows whether you have or not.

Walk as if you are wealthy; walk as if you are the CEO of a thriving company that rocks the money and profits. We can’t get there unless we believe in ourselves and feel that we are already there! Do this, wake up one day and you have a “Holy Sh*t !  I’ve arrived” moment like I did.

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Bambi Thompson is a brain coach for anxiety transformation and success acceleration. She teaches entrepreneurial women how to leverage brain science, mindset, the human energy body, and the Law of Attraction to dismantle limitation and unleash power, confidence, and momentum.

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