7 Affirmation Starters to Release Resistance

Have you noticed how when you think about your goal, you often get a willy-nilly glitching in your gut?

Say "Hello" to resistance.

It's the energy that stops the manifestation that you are trying to achieve.

The more stressed out we are, the more frequently we feel that resistance, because the stress hormones that have accumulated in our body make it hard to feel empowered, think positively and happily, to be in flow, and "in the vortex". (The Vortex is a term Abraham Hicks uses for that state of energy that is the creative force)

We get downright toxic just living life.

Complaining and negative thinking, insomnia, booze, chemical additives, EMF's, preservatives, watching the news....on and on it goes.

It's a virtual assault on our mojo on a daily basis unless you finely attune your mind and your body to a high vibe state.

So here are 7 affirmation starters to help you get your Emotional vibration jacked-up - which is the key to POSITIVE manifestation.

  1. I do like knowing that...
    (I'm always getting better each day, the doctors are handling my cancer so I can focus on my happiness,that the partner of my dreams is being awakened to my presence)
  2. A lot can happen in ...
    (name your time frame - by Friday, in 3 months, in 3 hours)
  3. I'd like to start attracting...
    (powerhouse business builders, solutions for my Lyme disease, fulfilling conversations with my son)
  4. I've decided...
    (to allow money to flow into my life, to release my weight, to love myself)
  5. I'm letting the Universe / God / Source figure out how to....
    ( assure that our retirement is amazing and stress-free, heal my body, bring me my perfect partner)
  6. Everyday someone...
    (turns their debt around, has a miracle healing, discovers a new solution to our planet's challenges)
  7. I am grateful for...
    (my tools, youtube teachings from Abraham Hicks, my support team)


How they bring in the energy of excitement, possibility, and vision?

I've been cranking on "I've decided..." and followed it with anything that is the opposite of a Puny Me thought. 

The result? I am happy, relaxed, amazing things are flowing in...the Universe and God is bringing me everything I have created and that's been kept away by my sabotaging energy.

I'd really love to serve you to have more tools like this and to clean out your body of the accumulated toxicity of stress, for your joy, your health, your aging process, and your manifesting mojo!


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