4 Quick Steps to Neutralize the Triggers of Stress and Anxiety

4 Quick Steps to Relieving Anxiety and Stress.

How to get a "Sesh" (Session) on the run and start to relieve stress and anxiety.  

Living in these times requires a lot of tools to navigate the conditions, the emotions, and the energies that surround us on a daily basis.  Skillsets to preserve our vitality and health, our prosperity consciousness, and our joy. 

Much of my work with clients is about neutralizing the causes and triggers of their anxiety in their body so they can live their life with greater peace, power, confidence, and hope.

There are all kinds of things that trigger us. When that trigger is felt is when it can be transformed, but sometimes our body really resists letting it go because whatever "IT" is has been a part of who we are for so long it's afraid to be without it.  

Our identity is tied up in these beliefs or fears.

"Who will I be without this struggle?"

The unknown is scary and our brain doesn't like it.   Often our subconscious mind thinks it's keeping us safe by keeping a sabotaging behavior or belief.  

"If I don't fall in love, I'll never feel that pain of rejection again." "If I stay overweight, people will stay away and I won't get hurt again." "If I don't follow through with things or start this then I can't fail."  

The following process is a very useful way to release something when you're encountering resistance in "letting it go". Use it when you are feeling any uncomfortable emotion or situation.  

The language "surprises" the brain and therefore you can hi-jack it into cooperation.  THAT is cool!

Step one:

Ask yourself, "Could I WELCOME this feeling/ belief/ fear

Wait a bit, then affirm "I welcome this now." Let the feeling come in stronger and rise up in you, then you'll notice it possibly begin to soften. Imagine it as a tantruming child just wanting to be heard.

You just heard it...it quiets down.  

Step two:

Ask yourself, "Could I ACCEPT this?

Imagine just living with it as your companion. Something separate from you. NOT you.

 Affirm "I accept this NOW."

Suddenly the child says to himself - "Oh, well, the screaming isn't getting a reaction anymore...BUMMER." You just took all it's power away by welcoming it and accepting its presence.·  

See it as a little being at your side, NOT inside you.

Step three:

Ask yourself "Could I let go of wanting to change it?

If you make peace with that need then it is no longer "a problem",  therefore there is no longer a reason for it to be creating stress in your body.

Step four:

Affirm "I let it go now".  

This process will more than likely either eliminate the anxiety or stress about the situation completely or greatly reduce it.

Work with this process for awhile for your body to begin to understand what is going on.  If you don't get relief, then I have many more techniques to empower you to rein in your brain and reach out as suggested below! 

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