Stress Busting Resiliency Program

Ready to rock your life, raise your vibration quickly and easily AND clear your gunk? This little jewel of a program is like a packet of "Power Me Up Sessions" to build your energetic toolbox, get mindset shifts, and experience transformation for the major "Mojo Robbers" of success: money, relationships, health, sleep, anxiety, and depression

The Stress Busting Resiliency Program is the "Session In Your Pocket" solution

For short and sweet boosts on demand - these 8-30 minute audios will shift your energy on the spot AND build your Power Me Up toolbox! The Stress Busting Resiliency Program is designed to give you energetic support, tools, and training to help alleviate and transform your stress around the common challenges that derail us from having more power, confidence, happiness, and success.

If you are busy creating success in your life or business, you don't have time to deal with all the little challenges that life throws at you.

You need to be able to feel alive, free, empowered, tapped into your creative energy, tuned into your inner guidance and turned on with excitement and joy.

So I created this program to give you the power boost you need, WHEN you need it, for the area of life that's throwing you some shit that can potentially derail you from your mojo-liscious life and success.

My customers/ clients have said that this comprehensive program is a "game changer" and "life saver".  It is designed to provide deep transformation that is highly diverse in it's applications for shifting you out of freakout, stress, and overwhelm and to get you back into action with traction quickly and powerfully.

This is a foundational building block for success-seeking women to have- a bad ass skillset at navigating the ups and downs of life with confidence, resiliency, and speed so they can get back up and back on the road to what turns them on and lights them up!

"I loved the idea of the Stress Busting Resiliency Program when Bambi presented it. I knew this program would allow me to get a weekly lesson from Bambi over an 8 week period covering a wide array of topics, provide me with a library of teachings that I could listen to when I had the time with the added bonus of being able to listen to it when I need a ‘little brushing up’. It is one of the best investments I have made for myself."

This is a program that you will use over and over and over- in fact I use it for myself regularly to shift my own sabotage or stuckness. 

Clients who have purchased this program have written to me years later telling me how much they get from the short sessions and how the program has not only changed them over and over, but also grown with them.

This is a timeless investment that will reap you MANY rewards in every arena of your life.


This 8 module program consists of: 8 - 30 minute audio sessions are jam packed with meditations, handouts, tools, mindset trainings, and transformational energetic processes!

It addresses the main areas of life that my success-seeker clients kept showing up being challenged by: money, relationships, anxiety, health, depression, sleep...

In this program you will:

  • Learn tools to create inner calm amidst the emotional storms of life
  • Begin to shift and release the past and its energetic drain on your creativity and vitality
  • Learn tools to improve your health, your relationships, and your abundance
  • Learn to stop the toxic thinking that stops YOU
  • Develop an optimistic mindset that will impact your success
  • Experience dramatic changes in the way you feel, think, act, and work with the Law of Attraction
  • Learn how to tap into your own resources and hook up to your own inner power source

What to expect from each module? A little magic!

Module 1 - Stoplight Anchoring Technique for quick grounding and calm amidst the storm

This groovy tool balances your energy, puts you back into your power, is very versatile for whatever challenge you are experiencing, and helps you achieve the desired state you need to embody in any particular moment. This tool alone has helped many as their main go to tool.

 Module 2 - Healing Relationship Meditation

This meditation transports you into a relaxed and open state during which you use your energy to send love and forgiveness to a relationship or person/s of your choice to create change and improve the quality of your experience with that person. Can also be used for changing your relationship with yourself! People often report beneficial changes in the person the next day!

Module 3 - Negative thinking and the Law of Attraction/EFT for Sleep

Mind your mind! This module explains how powerful our thoughts are in creating the external experiences of our lives and how to shift and impact things with mindset and intention. As an added bonus, we also do a tapping sequence for improving sleep which is essential to our success, inner peace, and resiliency.

Module 4 - Gratitude/ Anxiety 25 min. meditation

You learn about the power of gratitude as a transformational energy and how to use it for your enhancing your life.  Then you'll be guided into a deep and restful state during which you will release and transform aspects of your life that are creating stress and anxiety. This is a deep healing session that you can access and use for a myriad of issues at any time that you are stuck in fear.

Module 5 - Mindset for abundance/ Money EFT, visualization

This top selling module packs a power house of mindset shifting strategies, transforms several deeply sabotaging beliefs around money and finishes with you in an amazing state during which I do a guided visualization for success, prosperity, and becoming a money magnet.  A great insight into my Money Mojo Mastery Course which is part of my Vibrant Sassy Success Club.

Module 6 - Health issues and letting go

In this module, you will learn how the body speaks to us and stores energy and emotions to create stress and illness, and I'll introduce a simple letting go process that helps release pent-up emotions, pain, stuck energy, and limiting beliefs quickly and easily on the subconscious level. A fabulous tool to have when you are in a situation where EFT  tapping is not appropriate.

Module 7 - 7 Mental Laws/ Depression meditation

Module 7 dissects the Law of Attraction into 7 different Universal Laws and helps you take your understanding of how powerfully your thoughts create your reality. This week finishes with a beautiful and restorative meditation for deep renewal and rejuvenation.


Module 8 - Ancient Hawaiian Healing technique -Ho’oponopono

We finish with what I consider one of the most powerful tools out there - Self-Identity Ho'oponopono which is an ancient Hawaiian practice for clearing what no longer serves or limits us on a subconscious level. This magic bullet creates amazing results in circumstances, quickly and powerfully, and is something that I literally use 24/7!

"I’ve been meditating for decades and in recent years have used tapping and neurolinquistic programming with great benefit. However, I still had emotional blocks from regrets surrounding past actions. Bambi taught something called the Ho’ponopono technique during the Stress Busting Resiliency Program.

It was the tool I needed to blast those regrets once and for all. I repeated it hundreds of times over the next few weeks while driving to work, on my way home, between patients, when my kids were upset. I just kept saying it inside. All sorts of thoughts from my past popped up and I just kept repeating it to clear the uncomfortable feelings surrounding them. I still use it when situations get funky or I have an unkind thought about someone.

If the whole world used this technique we’d be in a much better emotional place. I’m so grateful to Bambi for sharing so many powerful processes."

You can start feeling better right NOW!

"I found that Bambi's Stress Busting Program is packed full of treasures that can be used immediately upon downloading them. However, the best part is that they can be unpacked over time. When I initially started the program I was in one place in my body, mind and spirit and with my own learning and evolution the tools have grown with me and become useful in different ways over time. The program jiggled me loose from a stuck place and gave me a variety of tools that have kept me moving forward on my journey."

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