2024 is just around the corner!

Are you an ambitious entrepreneurial woman who is tired of getting in your own way?

Have you DECIDED to finally stop your procrastination, struggle, and overwhelm as the CEO of your biz and reconnect to your business endeavor with joy, confidence, and a wee bit of manifesting magic? 

Then the Quantum Leap Lab is for YOU! 

With the right tools, accountability, and support you can master your mind to manifest more EASE, JOY, and MONEY while becoming the master of your success!

JOIN US (at any time of the month)- You'll be so thrilled you did!


For years, I struggled with chronic fear around money and ultimately I ran myself into the ground with debilitating Panic Disorder.

After 7 years on Paxil, I changed my approach to handling my monkey mind and started working on my beliefs, thoughts, the resulting emotions, and energetic vibrations I was vibing with.

I learned how to reprogram my subconscious mind with NEW beliefs that helped to unleash new emotions around my capabilities, my worth, and my money.

As I dove into entrepreneurialism, I used these same skills to work on my disorganization, my attitude about marketing and sales, my time management and procrastination.

Once I learned how to master my mind, shift my energy, and focus my attention to OPTIMIZE MYSELF for success, everything slowly started to shift in my business AND my life. 

I focused on ramping up my manifesting skills and things started popping like popcorn.

I started to GLOW, I started to fall in love with my business again, I started to relax and know that all was well despite outer appearances.

Money, clients, and opportunities started flowing in like magic. I was- and still am- having a freaking blast in my business and life again.

I started teaching other women what I had learned and THEY started to get the same results. And now YOU can experience the magic, in the Quantum Leap Lab.

If you are an entrepreneurial woman who feels burned out, bummed out, blocked, or stuck and are ready to reconnect to your JOY, EASE, and MONEY- you have found your home, my dear!

The Quantum Leap Lab

A unique group coaching container for entrepreneurial women that will reprogram your beliefs, transform your saboteurs, elevate your confidence, activate your manifesting power, and magnetize your money.

The Quantum Leap Lab is the perfect playground for revolutionizing yourself for success, fine-tuning your vibration, developing your skillsets, and having accountability with a loving and supportive group of women.

The outcomes of participation in such a container over time includes:

  • More happiness 
  • More ease in achieving your goals
  • More flow with your money
  • More confidence in asking what you are worth
  • More joy in your heart
  • More fun in your business
  • More structure in your workday
  • More impact from your efforts
  • Greater clarity and focus
  • More empowered women in your life

Being the smart female entrepreneur that you are - you recognize that even just a teeny weeny bit of that magic would feel amazing for changing the game of running your business while loving your life!



In the Quantum Leap Lab, you will be working with me LIVE the first 3 Tuesdays of every month in a ZOOM MEETING. I have created 3 unique lab sessions where we do actual work on 3 areas of focus.

Each week there are energy healings, belief clearings, mindset shifts, and tactics for unleashing momentum in your business.

First Tuesdays of each month

 is a 2 hour GOAL ACHIEVEMENT session- we design our goals, strategies, and tactics for the next 30 days. We clear subconscious beliefs that might impact our journey to the goal, and set up our brain retraining protocols. We declare what we want to group to hold us accountable for. We have a co-working hour to actually take actions on our goals which is jumpstarted by a brain balancing technique and clearing on productivity blocks.

Second Tuesdays of each month

is a MONEY MINDSET session. An accountability check in starts the call, followed by a prosperity training and energy clearings/ belief busting.

Third Tuesdays of each month

 is our PRODUCTIVITY session which covers a variety of topics including building confidence, organization hacks, work strategies, marketing and sales tips. We clear beliefs on common themes for entrepreneurs, and end the session with an Energy Mastermind Meditation that raises our vibration for our personal goals being achieved.

The Quantum Leap Lab is THE place to come experience weekly transformation with a group of like-minded women, to have accountability to your goals and your potential, to gain clarity and confidence, to master manifesting and to do the work…the work that WORKS magic for your business .and life


  • You are an entrepreneurial woman or want to be
  • You know you have high potential but you are not a high achiever
  • You are tired of spinning your wheels and second guessing yourself
  • You are wasting time procrastinating
  • You have goal trauma
  • You are not implementing what you know you need to implement
  • You have a challenging emotional relationship with money
  • Your tired of seeing your peers succeed and your still playing small
  • Your self worth is impacting your ability to ask what you are worth
  • You are afraid of being seen and heard
  • You are exhausted from the worry impact your money blocks create
  • Your pissed off and tired of being stuck
  • You don’t know how to manifest or work with the Law of Attraction in your business
  • You are tired of working your business in an isolation tank and want to experience a rich and playful community of serious success seekers.

This is for you if you are rockin’ your biz and you are ready to uplevel yourself and your income ceiling with new cutting edge skillsets.

I know you are the type of entrepreneur who wants to uplevel herself, and that you see the value of re-programming yourself and transforming your vibration to create the change you are looking for and that you know investing in something like this makes all the sense in the world.

So I’ve made it easy for you to get that change.

You have 3 options when joining the Quantum Leap Lab and YOU CAN JOIN AT ANY POINT IN THE MONTH- YOU'LL ALWAYS RECEIVE THE 3 SESSION EXPERIENCE even if it rolls into the next month.


$447 USD


includes a 3-month membership to the Lab: the 3 Tuesday sessions and the Slay Your Days online course content, and a Voxer accountability/celebration group. The investment is $447 X 3

Grab 3 months of magic NOW


$647 USD


is the VIP option which includes a 3-month membership to the Lab: the 3 Tuesday sessions, the Slay Your Days online course content, a Voxer accountability/ celebration group, AND a monthly private 1-hour session with me to work on your personal goals with targeted support. The investment is $647 X 3

Grab the VIP package TODAY


1 PAY OF $497 - NOW $397



this one time opportunity includes a 1-month trial of the Lab and is the way to drop in  to see if it's a fit for your journey. You'll experience the Lab by attending the 3  Tuesday sessions and getting the Voxer accountability/ celebration group.

SAMPLE THE Quantum Leap Lab

Instructor Bio:

Bambi Thompson, known as" The Mind Whisperer", is a Brain Coach for anxiety transformation and success acceleration. As an Occupational Therapist who has gone “wildly woo”, she helps ambitious entrepreneurial women who have gotten bummed out, burned out, or blocked step back into their momentum and confidence to manifest strategically so that they can set and achieve bigger goals and add more money, joy, and ease to their lives. 

She achieves this by teaching them how to leverage neuroscience, mindset, the human energy field, and the Law of Attraction to build their lives and businesses from an ENERGETIC foundation in place of an EFFORTING foundation. In a nutshell -she gives her clients the mute button for their minds and the acceleration switch for their success. 

She’s the creator of the Quantum Leap Lab, Money Mojo Mastery, and the Stress Busting Resiliency Program. Bambi was the co-founder of the Corporate Unicorn’s Women’s Success Summit in Maine, co-author of Dare to Be Authentic, and the former producer and host of Power Me Up Radio on the Amazing Women of Power Network. 

Bambi homeschooled her 2 daughters for 12 years, created and ran a homeschool learning collaborative called the Discovery Center for Arts and Sciences, taught piano for 23 years, and now lives life sailing, cooking, composing music, traveling, and loving her family and clients with an open and joyful heart.

JOIN US Today and start mastering your Momentum and MAGIC!