Imagine performing as the successful FEMpreneur that you dream of being- without the struggle! 

The QUANTUM LEAP LAB (membership model) will revolutionize your Inner CEO for more clarity, confidence, goal achievement,$h

Train Your Brain

Re-wire those self-sabotaging beliefs that have kept you stuck and struggling at your current level of success

Master Manifesting

Align your vibration to your goals and leverage Universal Laws to support your dreams, keep you happy, and achieve more 

Upgrade your skills

Get accountability, hack your productivity, master your time management and revolutionize your money mindset

MINDset, SKILLset, and VIBRATIONset are now more important than ever

You can feel it- things are changing. Manifestations happen faster than ever- both good and bad, and when we are impacted by the negativity and scarcity of today's world, it has a BIG impact on our capacity to stay high vibe as an entrepreneurial woman. You need new kinds of tools to stay happy, vital, and prosperous in these times. It's time to work from an "energetic" approach and leave behind the hustle culture way.

Linda Ruel Flynn

"I hired Bambi to help me shift my feelings around money and to get ways to move out of habits and thought processes that weren't serving me or my business. Her work is heart-opening, eye-opening, thought-provoking and full of joy. I now have new skills and thought patterns to guide me through the life and my business. I no longer feel like I'm trudging uphill all the time." L. Ruel Flynn, Flora-ly Artisan Flower preservation



Julie Fortin

"Working with Bambi is so different than anything I've ever experienced with other coaches I've had. She shifts things energetically so that you're living at a higher vibration. I now have tools for comfort with public speaking, and I feel less worked up about things; the things I feared don't have as much weight now." J. Fortin, Financial services




Sue Oliver

"Bambi has helped me let go of negativity and focus on the positive aspects that have propelled my business to be more successful! Since I started my work with Bambi, my health, wealth and aspirations are just FALLING into place. I am amazed at how her coaching has brought to my life the things I have been wishing for! The overall happiness that I feel on a day-to-day basis continues to pay itself forward to brighter and better things!"S. Oliver, ACN


Science + Spirituality + Success Strategies + Accountability + Manifesting Challenges?

This membership model appeals to me- I can cancel anytime and join for as long as I like.

I'm IN!

Weekly LIVE Group coaching sessions - Current Theme = visibility (value $4500)

Wednesdays 1-2:30 EST

Training time topics cover - goal setting/ getting,  money mindset, confidence and productivity, end of month review for accountability
Energy work to clear beliefs
Manifesting Challenges
Skillset Challenges

Goal Accountability

Sessions are recorded and available for 2 weeks to assure follow-through and implementation.

+ On Demand Learning: The Inner CEO Alchemy program  (Value $3000)

👉Releasing the past

👉Creating your awesome life vision

👉Your goals, new identity, and identity KPIs

👉Opening to receive

👉Energy Hygiene for confidence and clarity

👉Productivity hacks

👉Time management hacks

👉Money love ritual

👉Handling procrastination and resistance

Are you ready to use your Wednesdays (1-2:30 EST) to ignite your INNER CEO and change your biz, life, and happiness?

I'm totally in- and I love that it's a subscription/ membership model that let's me cancel whenever I want to.

Value $7500

$347 per month 

I'm IN!