Let the money shift begin

For just $197 you can begin to raise your prosperity frequency and shift into a more playful and excited way of being!

You are serious about your success when you are ready to:

    • Align your vibration to receive more ease, flow, and joy in your financial experience 
    • Be a badass manifester and money magnet 
    • To move molecules, rein in your brain, and release old stories and stagnant energy blocks that keep you in struggle and stress
    • Stop taking yourself and money so damn seriously and re-connect to your joy, your pleasure, and to "play" with the field of infinite possibilities

Money demands much of our emotional bandwidth and it's time to change that.

This course is for you if:

1. When it comes to money you're regularly burned out, bummed out, and blocked.  You are ready to unleash your inner powerhouse again!

2. You say "I can't afford it" to amazing opportunities because of fear.  You are ready to turn anxious energy to awesome energy!

3. You don't know what to do to change your relationship with money because of overwhelm. You are  ready to gain clarity and strategies for more mojo!

4. You do the "Abundance and Scarcity Dance" because of hidden beliefs. You are ready to get to the root cause and unleash your prosperity!

6. You can't land the money in the bank because of scarcity, and a focus on struggle. You are ready to embrace prosperity consciousness and feel more playful around money!

7. You are sick and tired of the BULLSHIT that goes on in your head when you think about money. You are ready to master a new mindset and mental dialogue about yourself and wealth.


9. You are killin' it and are ready to work with your energy for more ease. Well, I'd say you are BRILLIANT!


To up-level your game on the playing field of money, we address 3 primary focus points to wire in a New You! 

Your subconscious beliefs, your energy field, and your manifesting abilities. 

You'll receive a toolbox of strategies, mindset shifts, tools, and meditations that will create a faster, easier, and empowered way to get you where you want to go.

The Money Mojo Mastery program includes:

> An online course with 6+ hours of healings, mindset shifts, processes, and frequency alignments taught in 5 modules with audio

> Workbook pages with each module for self-study and reflection

  1. Module 1: How money works. It's all energy & learning how to raise your vibration and dial in prosperity mentally and energetically changes everything faster and easier. You'll learn strategies and techniques to get a big magnetic energy field to attract what you desire. 
  2. Module 2: The Demons destroying our bucks You'll identify common limiting beliefs and sabotaging programs and learn how to quickly shift and neutralize them with EFT and powerful mind hacks.
  3. Module 3: Healing the past, re-writing the scripts of our lives This week you'll experience a guided meditation that will take you back to uncreate what no longer serves you and re-align yourself for "More"
  4. Module 4: Prosperity Consciousness and playing with the Law of Attraction You'll learn many tricks and games to build your energy field into a magnet for money. You'll activate your most effective support team out there - your Subconscious Mind and Universal Laws for co-creating a life of abundance.
  5. Module 5: a Q and A session from a previous group targeting procrastination and a self-love meditation.

An extensive toolbox of strategies, mindset shifts, energy clearings, and meditations that you'll come back to again and again and again.

It's time to make friends with your money

Shifting your mindset and relationship with money is a gift to your inner peace, confidence, and joy.

Wonder what's possible with this work?

"Bambi was able to encourage me, assist me and guide me in removing my resistance to the flow of abundance from the Universe!! Here's how things manifested this week... 9AM Monday - worked with Bambi on my Big Dreams/Goals list... Travel was #2 on the list, 11AM Monday (a mere 2 HOURS LATER) - got a call from my friend offering me an ALL EXPENSE PAID trip to Morocco for 2 weeks in July!!! Omg!!! THANK YOU UNIVERSE - and Bambi!!"

"Bambi brings a raw, honest, hilarious, no-nonsense approach to her work, and her work is energetic magic. Her teachings on energy hygiene have been transformative in my life, in a VERY short time. Go on and rock out with her-- you won't regret it!"

"Bambi’s down to earth approach, her honesty, and her tools have taught me so much! I feel like I have broken chains that kept me in the past. I am more calm, empowered and don't always go right to worrying like the old me. She is a healer- she heals the hurts, beliefs, and hang ups that may be keeping you down, stuck, and unsuccessful. I have used her tools to get through many stressful times and am much happier and confident. "

"Since I started my work with Bambi, my health, wealth and aspirations are just FALLING into place. I am amazed at how her coaching has brought to my life the things I have been wishing for!"


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