All The Science, Woo, and Energetic Tools And Support You Need To Step Into Your Next Level Of Joyful Success In Your Life And Biz

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The SLAY YOUR DAYS Momentum Club creates a whole new way of BE-ing  YOU!

Yup! Really!

Unless of course, you already ARE the ENERGETIC BEACON for attracting all that you desire- free of sabotage, limitation, and struggle?

Our Momentum Accelerator  Online Course, "Slay Your Goals" Accountability Work Sessions, Prosperity Calls, and group Success Salons will get you in action with traction and surround you with serious action takers igniting their prosperity and success!

Are you an ambitious, female-identified entrepreneur, who's ready for more ease and fun in your approach to business, success, and prosperity?

Are you ready to change your relationship with insecurity, procrastination, struggle, scarcity, and goal trauma?

Are you ready to run with a pack of women who are fun, love to move molecules, serious about playing a bigger game, and believe in infinite possibilities?

Here's your chance to revolutionize yourself for more momentum and inner magic with Bambi Thompson, OTR/L, brain coach for confidence amplification and success acceleration! 


  • Changing your relationship with money and success to be more joyful and ease-filled.

  • Having the ability to TRANSFORM the states that don't serve your power, confidence, or goals.

  • Being able to SHIFT, ON COMMAND, into the internal states that SERVE your success for dealing with the everyday challenges you face in life and business.

  • Knowing how to DIAL UP your confidence to play a bigger game in life and business

  • Having the tools to CREATE THE YOU you've always wanted to be: connected to your joy, your pleasure, and to "playing" more in your business and life?

  • Finally showing up as the rockstar that you KNOW you are and generate your success with a killer "Inner Landscape" that results in amazing "Outer Experiences"


It's time darlin' to dump the old paradigm of "EFFORTING  MORE TO ACHIEVE MORE" and to play the game of life and business with the unstoppable combination of neuroscience, pleasure, mindset, the human energy field, success strategies, and the Law of Attraction!


Mindset just isn't enough. Nor is knowing all the strategies of building your business.


Despite the best coaching, mindset, and biz techniques, your thoughts, beliefs, and vibrations still sabotage your emotional and energetic power.


The SLAY YOUR DAYS Momentum Club 6-month group coaching program will teach you how to manage the energy drain of limiting beliefs, sabotage, and insecurity to change your path of being doomed to a tight relationship with "Sally Struggle".

This 6-month group coaching program is for you if you are a female-identified entrepreneur and:

You are already rockin' it and are ready to work with your ENERGY for more ease and joy in your business and life success...


you're like most of us and you have 1 or more of the following going on.

1. You know you're a rockstar but you're regularly burned out, bummed out, and BLOCKED.  You are ready to unleash your inner powerhouse again!

2. You say " thanks" to amazing opportunities because of FEAR.  You are ready to turn anxious energy to awesome energy and play a bigger game!

3. You don't implement what your coaches tell you because of OVERWHELM. You are  ready to gain clarity on what your next steps REALLY should be for more mojo!

4. You do the "Start and Stop Dance" because of PROCRASTINATION. You are ready to get to the root cause and accelerate your momentum!

5. Your follow-up sucks because of a LACK OF CONFIDENCE. You are ready to feel irresistibly magnetic and unattached to outcomes!

6. You are DISORGANIZED, UNFOCUSED, and INEFFICIENT. You are ready to manage your time, structure your space, and optimize your performance!

7. You can't land the money in the bank because of SCARCITY beliefs, BLOCKED CHAKRAS, and a LACK OF PLEASURE in your life. You are ready to embrace prosperity consciousness and master the energy of money!

8. You don't charge what you're worth because of LOW SELF-WORTH. You are ready to recognize your value and love yourself, your body, and your business more.

9. You can't seem to make headway on the goals that really matter to you. You're ready for accountability to block the time and commit to it's achievement.

To up-level your game on the playing field of life and business, we address 3 primary focus points to wire in a New You! 

 Puny You,  Powerful You, and Magical You. 


"The Slay Your Days Momentum Club is totally unique and provides you with the last toolbox you'll ever need."


It's like having an anxiety relief program, a high octane mindset program, a self-love/pleasure program, a success acceleration program, a course in manifesting and miracles., and of course those basic things like time management and productivity hacks.

The SLAY YOUR DAYS Momentum Club creates a unique container for you to actually implement your goals, while having Bambi in your pocket to break through the "gunk" that's impeding your success - on a WEEKLY basis. It's the place to hang out to stay in action with traction.



  • 1 MONTHLY Money Mindset Call - 1:00 - 2:00 EST 2nd Wednesday of the month for clearing blocks and amplifying prosperity consciousness / energetic frequencies (Value $97/call)

  • 1 MONTHLY Slay Your Goals Co-working session 1:00 PM EST- 3 PM EST the 4th Wednesday of the month. We pre-game your energy field for success, then get to work with flow sessions( Value $200)

  • 2 MONTHLY Power Me Up Sessions  1:00 AM- 2:30 PM EST 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month for group coaching


    • The Slay Your Days Momentum Method / Toolbox  (An 8 module self-paced course teaching the Slay Your Days Momentum Accelerator Framework.) MODULES OPENED WEEKLY TO AVOID OVERWHELM

      This includes short easy to digest videos, worksheets, systems, meditations, EFT tapping experiences. (VALUE - $5000)
    1. Foundations of Energy, Sabotage, and Success
    2. Brain / Body Optimization hacks
    3. Clarify your vision
    4. Goal trauma and Goal Achievement
    5. Limiting beliefs and other saboteurs
    6. Re-wiring the NEW YOU
    7. Productivity and time management
    8. Manifesting techniques


  • A meditation vault (VALUE - $15)
  • A healing music vault (VALUE- $15)
  • Pop up trainings/ events and surprises throughout the year for productivity / time management, self-love / passion, health, relationships (Value $800 per intensive)
  • Periodic Guest Mentors (Value $300)
  • Member discounts of 20% off all offers and future programs

Emily Miller

With Bambi's methodology, I felt fully supported and came away with what I needed to handle the stress of my husband's terminal cancer diagnosis. I used the tools she gave me to shift my fear into action with a "What else is possible?" mindset. I started to search for miracles and we got them!

Laura Burke

I went from feeling overwhelmed with 'too much to do and not enough time' to having LOTS of tools, a drastic shift of mindset (from scarcity to prosperity) and the momentum to start a life coaching business of my own. Bambi gives you tools to break through all the gunk that has been holding you back from your true potential, true happiness. 

Nikki Johnson

Before I found Bambi, I was struggling with having no mojo, finding my purpose, and building my business. I loved her no bullshit, real person approachability. She was on-point, listened to my needs and goals, and helped me with a game plan for success. She helps you get it together, and inspires your greatest self.